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Got Milk?

In 1993 the California Milk Processor Board was formed to increase milk sales. "Aaron Burr" was the very first got milk? tv ad. Many more followed. In 1995 the got milk? compaign was licensed to the National Dairy Board and gained a national audience. The print ads featured celebrities with milk mustaches. The entire campaign is extremely successful and has spawned countless takeoffs.

Got Milk-like collection?

After spotting a few of these got milk? takeoffs (I call them got milk-like?) I got pictures of them whenever I had my digital camera handy. After I got a few I got them organized into a collection here. I filled in with bumper stickers and buttons I got while browsing the web but I place much greater value on those got milk-like? takeoffs that I got "in the wild".

Got Contribution?

Have you got a got milk-like? picture you would like to contribute to the collection? Email me with a jpg or gif and I'll include it here, with proper attribution of course.

Got Links?
Official got milk? ad campaign web sites, with pictures of the many celebrities with milk mustaches who appeared in print ads.
Personal got milk? ad collections.
Nice spoof of got milk? See C3PO with a milk 'stache.
Got Milk: The Book.